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Welcome to Woof Club, Ty Gwyn's take on doggy daycare. From 2nd March 2021, we will be launching an innovative new scheme to help keep your dog energised and entertained throughout the week. Our concept is simple; book your dog into the club on any weekday for a fun-filled day tailored to suit your dog's specific personality and needs.

We keep our club small, with a maximum of six dogs per every fully-trained staff member. They will spend the day running free on our large, secure yards, playing games and participating in specially designed doggy activities, returning to you at the end of the day worn out and excited to return as soon as they can! We also have three acres of private, enclosed grassland and woodland, plus individual heated rest spaces so each dog will have space to relax and sleep throughout the day should they want a little downtime.


We have worked with a trained canine behaviourist to create our own unique doggy daycare format, which means we don't assess your dog once to check that they are friendly and then throw them in with an established pack and expect them all to get along. In the wild, dogs live in packs with a strict hierarchy and rarely mix with others outside of their pack, so in order to keep everything as harmonious as possible, we will place your dog in the pack most suited to them and not mix them with different dogs each week. We offer the opportunity for your dog to come in for a free trial so you can be assured that they like it, not so that we can scrutinise your dog and check they fit our list of behavioural requirements. Not all dogs are the same; some dogs like to be mostly left alone, some get on mostly with certain breeds or ages, some don't like uncastrated dogs, some are rough, some are shy - no matter what your dog's personality, we would love to meet them! If your dog is very unsocial and doesn't like to mix with other dogs whatsoever, they are welcome to join in and be cared for one-to-one by one of our trained members of staff. 


Our aim is to give your dog the best day possible, perfect for anyone who needs help keeping their dog entertained around working from home, being at the office or childcare.

Opening Hours

Drop-off - 8.30am-9am

Pick-up - 5pm-5.30pm


£19 per dog per day

Winter Update

Woof Club has recently expanded and limited spaces are available! If you would like to enquire, please email letting us know your pet's name, breed, age, neutering status and confirm that they're up to date with all vaccinations including kennel cough. Due to the nature of our groups, we can only accept certain breeds/genders at certain times but we can discuss this with you when you enquire. Unlike most daycares, neutering is not a requirement at any age but this does mean we have to limit the amount of males that we accept as each group can only have one 'alpha male' to avoid upsetting the group dynamic. Females no not have to be neutered but as explained in our terms and conditions, it is the owner's responsibility to withdraw their female dog from daycare when they come into season and they must not attend daycare until at least four weeks after their season begins.

If your dog is already registered, you can book via the booking system below:
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