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Thank you for booking your pet to stay at Ty Gwyn Pets. We can't wait to see them!


Please ensure that your pet is up to date with all relevant vaccinations, including the kennel cough vaccination for dogs. You must bring your pet's vaccination card along with them for every stay, or email a copy over to us prior to their arrival. Regrettably, we cannot board your pet if you are unable to provide sufficient proof of their vaccination history. For further information on our vaccination policy, please head to


As always, we are happy for you to bring along any of your pet's belongings for them to keep throughout their stay. However, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the safe return of any possessions so we do advise that you keep possessions to a minimum. All that we require is their vaccination card, their lead or carry case and their food – all other items such as bedding, toys, treats, bowls, etc are supplied by us. Due to the high volume of belongings that get brought in that require washing or changing, it is likely that they may be lost during your pet’s stay. If possible, please bring all belongings in a clearly labelled bag.


Further information relating to your pet's stay can be found at


If you have any other questions or concerns, please email


Please read our full terms and conditions below (these apply to all boarding, Woof Club and Ty Gwyn Grooms bookings):


1.           Vaccinations:

i.            Boarding – owners must produce a current, fully up-to-date vaccination certificate for each pet on arrival. This must be brought to the premises with each pet every time they board. If you are unable to provide sufficient proof of vaccinations, your booking will be void.

ii.           Woof Club – customers must update their dog’s vaccination information on their account annually. You will be reminded when your dog’s vaccinations are within one month of expiry. Please be aware that dogs must not attend Woof Club 72 hours after receiving the kennel cough vaccine.

iii.          Ty Gwyn Grooms – we do not verify that dog’s attending Ty Gwyn Grooms are fully vaccinated, however it is heavily advised that they are to avoid your dog becoming unwell.

iv.           No vaccination is 100% effective and Ty Gwyn Pets Ltd will not be liable if your pet becomes unwell whilst they are on the premises. For more information on our vaccination policy, please head to


2.           Accidents & Illnesses

i.            If your pet falls unwell during their stay, we will make every effort to contact their own vet in the first instance. If this is not possible, we will take your dog to the nearest and most appropriate veterinary practice.

ii.           We are able to administer most medications to your pet during their stay which we will follow to your exact instructions. We will not be liable if your pet suffers complications from any pre-existing illness during their stay.

iii.          Boarding dogs only socialise with other dogs from separate households upon the owners request and after a thorough assessment by our team. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure all play remains fun and friendly, we will not be liable if your dog is injured due to any altercation that may take place.

iv.           If your dog attends Woof Club, you consent to your dog being socialised within their allocated group. Whilst every effort is taken to ensure all play remains fun and friendly, we will not be liable if your dog is injured due to any altercation that may take place.

v.            All dogs that are requested to socialise with other dogs whilst under our care are not separated according to gender. It is the owner’s responsibility to inform us if your bitch comes into season. If we notice that your bitch is in season, we will immediately remove her from the group, however we are not liable if your bitch falls pregnant during her stay with us.


3.           Belongings

i.            We recommend that you bring as few belongings as possible for your pet’s stay. We supply bedding, toys, treats, bowls, etc, for your pet so all we require is your pet’s vaccination card, lead/carrier and their food. You understand that any belongings that are brought in have a likelihood or getting lost or damaged during their stay.


4.           Deposits, Cancellations & Payment

i.            You may be asked to pay a small deposit to secure your boarding or grooming booking. These are non-refundable in the event you cancel, don’t turn up or arrive without sufficient proof of vaccinations.

ii.           Boarding payments must be made either in advance by payment link or on arrival with cash. We have no signal in our building so please either pay in advance or be prepared to pay with cash when you arrive. All pre-payments are non-refundable.

iii.          Woof Club payments are made in advance; if your dog attends a regular monthly slot, you will be billed the week before the month commences. You have until the invoice due date to let us know of any sessions your dog will miss during the following month so that we can remove these sessions from your bill; once the bill is paid or the due date has past, you will be required to pay for the full month. All payments are non-refundable unless the Woof Club session is cancelled by us or your bitch comes into season.

iv.           Ty Gwyn Grooms prices are a guideline and a final price will be calculated at the end of your appointment. All outstanding fees are payable by either cash or bank card in the salon.

v.            If you cancel more than seven days prior to your arrival, no further charges will be due (if you have paid a deposit then this will act as your cancellation fee). Cancellation within 7 days of arrival or failure to arrive for your booking will result in the full balance of the booking being due within 7 days of the invoice being sent. 

vi.          All invoices have a deadline date clearly marked on them. You will be charged £5 per day for every day that the invoice is overdue.


5.           Opening Hours

i.            It is essential that pets are only dropped off or collected within our opening hours. Our boarding reception is open 10am-12.30pm and 4-5pm weekdays and 10am-1pm on weekends and bank holidays. Woof Club reception is open 8.30am-9am and 5-5.30pm Monday and Friday, and 8am-9am and 5pm-6pm Tues-Thurs.

ii.           For early drop-off or late collection Tues-Thurs at Woof Club, there is a surcharge of £1 per session.

iii.          We are unable to check pets in or out outside of opening hours due to health and safety reasons so please do not attend outside of these hours.

iv.           If you are travelling, we advise that you make alternative arrangements to collect your pet in the event you are delayed. We will most likely not be able to keep your pet for any longer than what they are originally booked for. In the event you don’t collect your pet by closing time on the day they are due to leave, we will be forced to cancel another booking. You will be charged the full amount of the cancelled booking. This booking may be significantly longer than the amount of extra days you require your pet to stay with us for so please seek alternative arrangements where possible.

v.            In the event that we are able to keep your pet for longer than originally booked, you will be charged the standard daily rate for each subsequent day.

vi.          In the event that you are delayed a short period due to traffic and a member of staff is able to wait for you, you will be charged £5 for every 15 mins they are kept waiting past closing time.


6.           Ty Gwyn Grooms

i. Ty Gwyn Grooms operates as part of Ty Gwyn Pets Ltd. We guarantee that your groomer is fully qualified and is licenced and insured in accordance with our company policy, local legislations and national guidelines. All of the above clauses apply to Ty Gwyn Grooms appointments, as well as the following:

ii. All products and appliances used within the salon are of a professional standard. You are responsible for requesting allergy information on all products and advising us in accordance to your dog’s allergies. We cannot be responsible for any allergic reactions suffered by the products used in the salon.

iii. If your dog is found to have fleas, an additional cleaning fee will be required.

iv. All prices quoted upfront are a guideline and are not to be relied upon. Further charges will be added depending on the length and condition of your dog’s coat, their temperament and their size. If you have any firm budgets in mind, please discuss this with your groomer so we can bare it in mind when arranging your dog’s groom.

v. Your dog’s wellbeing is more important than their appearance. There may be some occasions where we feel that your dog would benefit from having their groom spread out over separate appointment so avoid them becoming stressed. In severe cases, we may need to terminate the groom before completion and your dog may leave the salon in an unfinished state. We will only do this if we feel the appointment is severely impacting your dog’s emotional welfare.

vi. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (updated in 2010), we are bound to protect your dog from pain, injury, suffering and disease. If your dog’s coat is extremely matted, we will NOT attempt to comb the matts out and risk causing your dog significant pain and suffering. Therefore we may recommend that your dog is completely shaved.  Please be aware that if your dog is shaved, they will look extremely different and any sores or infections that existed beneath their matted coat will be exposed. This is the most humane way of grooming your dog and preventing them from experiencing any further pain as heavily matted fur is very uncomfortable for dogs and leaves them at risk of severe pain, inflammation, infection and irritations. If we consider your pet’s coat to be in such a condition, we will discuss this with you prior to the appointment and mutually agree on the best course of action.

vii. All bookings are subject to a £25 deposit or cancellation fee. If you cancel within 72 hours of your appointment and you have paid a £25 deposit, this will be non-refundable. If you have not paid a deposit, then a £25 deposit will be due. Please be as clear as possible about the condition of your pet’s coat when booking, as if we feel we are unable to continue with the appointment due to your dog’s coat being misrepresented in the booking request, the £25 will not be refunded. You are always welcome to bring your dog in to meet with our groomer beforehand so they can assess your dog and give you the most accurate advice and price possible.

viii. We endeavour to do everything in our power to cause your dog as little stress and pain as possible, but the occasional nick, scratch or cut is possible. We are will not be liable for any minor injuries your dog suffers during their groom.

7.           Field Hire

i. Our Woof Club field is available to hire by the general public in hourly slots. All sessions are required to be booked and paid for in advance.

ii. Field hire sessions are non-refundable in all instances, please be aware that the field is largely unsheltered, and you may experience adverse weather conditions. Unless the field is closed due to safety concerns, your booking will stand.

iii. Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities available to the public on the premises.

iv. The field is cleaned every weekday evening but is unmanned over the weekend, please respect our staff and leave the field as you find it. Poo bags will be readily available.

v. There is usually fresh drinking water in the field available for your dogs, however this cannot be guaranteed. We recommend bringing a back-up water supply, especially during spells of hot weather.

vi. Our field is secure and has been authorised for the professional and casual exercise of dogs, however there is always the risk that certain dogs may be able to escape. Please use caution and use a long-line if you are unsure.

vii. Please do not let your dog off the lead until they are securely within the Woof Club enclosed paddock – the top of the field borders the home of our rescue cockerels and strong dogs will be able to access their pen if loose. The cockerels will not interfere with your experience whatsoever providing your dog is not freed until within the enclosed paddock. Fines may be applicable if your dog is not kept under control until within this area.

ix. Our daycare field by design will be cleaner than an average field or woodland, however diseases can still survive. We strongly recommend that your dog is fully vaccinated and if your dog falls sick after visiting our field, Ty Gwyn Pets Ltd will not be liable.

x. Prior to your visit, you will be issued a code which will provide access to the field. Please do not share this code with anyone else. All codes expire after each visit. If you use a key to access the field, please return it immediately after unlocking the gate and secure it in the lockbox to avoid it getting lost.

xi. You are welcome to bring up to 10 dogs and 12 humans to your field session. Please note that Ty Gwyn Pets Ltd employees will not be regularly monitoring your session and we are not liable for any consequences caused by irresponsible use of the field. If your dog is injured due to play or fighting with other dogs in your party, the owner accepts full responsibility.

xii. All sessions are booked for 50 minutes, please be aware that it is almost certain another dog will be waiting to enter the field 10 minutes after your session ends. For this reason, please leave the field promptly when your 50 minutes is up to provide a calm and safe space for the next customers.

xiii. Likewise, please wait in your car until the time of your appointment to avoid encountering another customer. Many dogs that use the field will not be comfortable around other dogs.

xv. The field is monitored by CCTV 24/7 by an out of house security team. Any illegal activity or reckless behaviour may result in the police being called and your ejection from the field and/or prosecution.

Field Hire T&C
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