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Establishing a safe and transparent daily routine that meets all of our pets' needs is vitally important to us. We understand what is required to keep your beloved babies happy and cared for, and that is also helps you feel more secure and involved to know what they are up to. Our routine very rarely differs from standard, so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you are completely in the loop. Please note that there is a member of staff on the premises 24/7, outside of our usual staffing hours. 


7.30am: Our lovely team begin to arrive to wake everyone up for breakfast. Our manager will take a look at our agenda for the day and organise any baths and grooms that have been booked while the Woof Club team will open daycare and our kennel assistants will make a start on letting the dogs out for their morning wees. All of the kennels are thoroughly cleaned during this period and bedding is usually replaced - this is why we recommend not bringing your own bedding as we like to ensure all bedding is clean and dry at all times and therefore it is replaced every 1-2 days and it is very easy to lose specific items of bedding. Water is replenished and all dogs are checked over to ensure there is nothing out of the ordinary that needs to be added to their account notes.  Once your dogs' unit is completely clean and we are satisfied that they are clean and healthy, we bring them back inside for their breakfast as per your feeding instructions. 

9am: Our salon opens and our groomers gets started making sure all departing dogs who had booked in for a groom are ready to leave, as well as any customers from the public who have booked in. 

10am: We open at 10am every single day with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Easter Sunday. It is vitally important that all dogs are safely inside their units while external doors are locked, so during opening hours half of the team tends to the cats, cleaning out their units in full, checking them over to make sure there is nothing that needs reporting and serving them breakfast, while the rest of the team entertain the Woof Club dogs and assist in reception with our departures and arrivals.

12.30pm: On weekdays, we close at 12.30pm. Where possible, we try and cater for viewing appointments at this time but as we have to prioritise our boarding dogs' exercise, we limit these to one per day. The boarding dogs come out for playtime from 12.30pm-4pm, either individually or with their playgroup if they have been assessed. During this period, the cats also get access to our large play pen area for them to play with our team members if they wish! 

4-6pm: We reopen on weekdays evenings during this time for our afternoon opening hours and Woof Club collection. This is also the busiest period in the shop as a lot of our Woof Club customers drop in to collect their orders after picking up their pups! Our evening routine is pretty similar to our morning routine; all of the dogs' and cats' units are cleaned, their water is replenished and we make sure there is nothing we need to add to their account details. During this period, they all also get fed their tea. We usually lock up the office at 6pm, so if you wanted an update on your pet, try and message us as early as possible as we don't usually have access to the phone once the office is closed! 

6-10pm: During the summer, it isn't unusual for the dogs to be out as late as midnight as it is often too hot for some of them to come out and play in the middle of the day. All of the units are temperature controlled and always remain between 10-15 degrees all year round, regardless of the weather outdoors. In the winter, some of the dogs prefer to come out for a last wee and then head to bed to rest in the warm, while some of the hardier dogs prefer to brave the chill for a last run on the yard before lights out! 

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