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For our 2022 charity initiative, we are working to support Jackson's Animal Rescue and Roaming Dog Rescue by supplying gift boxes for pets who don't have a home for Christmas.

The process is simple, select from one of the pets below, all of whom will most likely be spending Christmas in rescue care. You can then either drop off a homemade gift box of supplies for that pet to our shop in Padeswood, along with a note of the recipient of the parcel, or order one of our pre-made boxes that we will make up and put under the Christmas tree ready to be collected by Santa Paws just in time for Christmas! Your gift box can be filled with anything that you think would make a nice treat for the pets waiting for homes, or any supplies that you believe would help assist the rescue workers such as cat litter, cleaning products, snacks, etc. We can accept anything that is in useable condition, even if it is opened.

Rescue centres have never been more stretched than what they are right now; if you follow either of these charities, you will know how hard times are for them right now. The cost of living crisis following the lockdown puppy boom has meant thousands of pets are being abandoned or surrendered, and the amount of cats who are left unneutered has meant rescue centres are experiencing an unprecedented amount of kittens being brought in for them to rehome. With admissions at an all time high and disposable income within the community at an all time low, things have never been more tough. Anything you can spare to give these pets a pleasant and cosy Christmas will be hugely grateful!

How It Works

Step 1. Select a pet from our list to donate a gift parcel to.

Step 2. Make up your parcel or order a pre-made one from our website - we take zero profit on these boxes so they will be excellent value for money!

Step 3. Either drop-off your homemade gift box in our shop during our opening hours or let us take care of preparing your pre-made gift box. The deadline for all drop-offs and orders is the 15th December 2022. 

For more information on our wonderful rescuers, please click here for Jackson's Animal Rescue or click here for Roaming Dogs Rescue. Thank you so much for your generosity in advance!

Select Your Pet

Now you can either drop off a parcel to our shop or click here to select a pre-made option from our website. Thank you so much for your generosity on behalf of everyone at Ty Gwyn, Jackson's Animal Rescue and Roaming Dog Rescue, and merry Christmas!

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