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Congratulations on your engagement! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and a day that you will want to celebrate with all of your closest family and friends. We don't feel like your beloved dog should miss out on the festivities, however we appreciate that it can be a logistical nightmare working out who will care for your dog throughout the ceremony and bring them home before things start to get rowdy. That's where our wedding escort service comes in! 

Our comprehensive package allows you to enjoy your wedding in the company of your dog without any of the associated stresses. The package includes two members of staff to transport your dog to the ceremony, care for them throughout the ceremony, in between photos and even the reception if you wish and return them to either our boarding premises or another address once it is time for bedtime!

Prices start at £260 for a minimum of four hours (this includes the time taken to collect your pet and transport them to and from the venue), extra hours are charged at £30 per hour and the total cost 

Now you can either drop off a parcel to our shop or click here to select a pre-made option from our website. Thank you so much for your generosity on behalf of everyone at Ty Gwyn, Jackson's Animal Rescue and Roaming Dog Rescue, and merry Christmas!

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